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La Petite Maison mendocino vacation rental cottage mendocino rental cottage retreat

Directions to your Mendocino vacation getaway:

La Petite Maison is located about five minutes from the village of Mendocino, which is a three hour drive from San Francisco. Coastal Mendocino County has some of the most beautiful sea shore, forests, and vineyards in the world.

map to mendocino vacation rental

Comptche-Ukiah Road intersects California Route One just south of the village of Mendocino. To find La Petite Maison, proceed 1.75 miles east on Comptche-Ukiah Road to Olson Ln. Turn left on Olson and follow it all the way to the end, through the stone pillars, until you can go no further.

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La Petite Maison

a vacation rental cabin in coastal Mendocino County

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